Our Milestones

1951 - 1st August

Started publication from Jaipur.
Inaugration by central minister Shri Jag Jivan Ram.
Function presided by Shri Jai Narayan Vyas, Chief Minister of Rajasthan, one of the tallest freedom fighter from Rajasthan, who was known for his honesty and integrity. He was also the inspiration behind Rashtradoot.

1975 - 26th January

New imported Plamag RotaryMachine installed and Rashtradoot started publishing on it. It had the facility of spot colouring.

1975 - 13th October

Rashtradoot started its Kota edition. Inaugurated by Shri. Dharamvir Sinha, Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Govt. of India. Function was presided by Pt. Abhinn Hari, most respected freedom fighter from Hadoti region who was also a minister in first cabinet of Rajasthan.

'Rashtradoot Puraskaar' for best sportsman of state in the year was started in 1975. Panel of judges were eminent sports journalists like R. Shriman (Times of India), K.R. Wadwany (Indian Express), R.C. Nigam (Hindustan Times), Khalid Ansari (Sports Week), Chaturvedi, Narottam Puri, Jasdev Singh (Sports Commentrator), sports personalities and sports administrators like Maharaj Bhawani Singh of Jaipur (Polo), Raj Singh Dungarpur (Cricket), V.N. Kak (Sports Council), Kishan Rungta (Cricket), J.C. Paliwal (Basketball), Col. Sodhi, Col. V.P. Singh, Col. G.S. Garcha (all 61 Cavalary) selection committee used to be constituted from these sports personalities, who used to select the best sportsman of the year. An exhibition match was organized in which the public could watch their star players performance and the sportsman could get the public recognition he deserved.

List of sports personalities who have been awarded 'Rashtradoot Puraskar'

Shri. Magan Singh (Football)
Shri. Ram Singh (Athletics)
Shri. Hanuman Singh (Basketball)
Dr. Karni Singh (Shooting)
Maha Rao Bim Singh (Shooting)
Ajmer Singh (Basketball)
Col. G.S. Garcha (Polo)
Dafedar Khan Mohammed (Equestrian)
Varsha Soni (Women Hockey)

Exhibition and award functions were held in Jaipur, Kota and Bikaner, in which thousands, at times touching one lakh persons, were present to honor the sportsman.

1979 - 20th July

Third edition of Rashtradoot started from Bikaner. Inaugurated by Shri. L.K. Advani, Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Govt. of India. Function was presided by Shri. Chaggan Mehta, a freedom fighter and renowned thinker.

1982 - 9th January

'Rashtradoot Saptahik', a weekly family magazine started publishing. During these years almost all magazines (weekly or fortnightly) were getting invaded by sex crime coverage. It was consciously decided that 'sex, crime and politics' would be kept out of the pages of this magazine. It would devote to wholesomefamily reading with emphasis on history, culture, fairs & festivals, forests & environment and women youth affairs.

1993 - 5th November

Fourth edition of Rashtradoot started from Udaipur.

1996 - 30th July

Fifth edition of Rashtradoot started from Ajmer.

2006 - 9th April

Sixth edition of Rashtradoot started from Jalore.

2008 - 1stNovember

Seventh edition of Rashtradoot started from Hindaun City.

2009 - 30thApril

Eight edition of Rashtradoot started from Churu.

About Us
Rashtadoot started publishing in 1951.
It is one of the oldest and most respected brand in the Indian print media industry.
Today, it has a certifed circulation of 800000 copies/day across its 8 Editions helping it reach the heart and soul of well spread population of rajasthan.   read more...