Our Values

Responsible Journalism

We understand the value of responsible reporting. Ethical behavior goes to the very essence of everything that we do.
We take our responsibilities seriously.

A Reputation of Trust

Trust is the most invaluable asset for us. It's the prized possession that we have earned over years.
We never compromise our ethics. We set the highest possible standards and then live up to them.

Integrity & Truth above All

Integrity and honesty is in our DNA. It guides every conversation, decision and action at Rashtradoot. an With an unswerving focus on truth we bring the news for our readers.

Courageous Journalism

Confronting issues and bringing the truth for our readers, despite the seemingly impossible odds- that's how we display the courage of our convictions.

A hunger for innovation

At Rashtradoot, we are engaged in a constant endeavor for innovation.
We firmly believe in the motto of 'always learning, always improving'.

About Us
Rashtadoot started publishing in 1951.
It is one of the oldest and most respected brand in the Indian print media industry.
Today, it has a certifed circulation of 800000 copies/day across its 8 Editions helping it reach the heart and soul of well spread population of rajasthan.   read more...